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John McAfee is leading a relatively public life—he’s often on Fox, and he’s running a Montreal-based startup—even as he lives in hiding. The software developer believes there’s a $650,000 contract on his head, though that’s down from $2 million, he tells Jon Swartz in USA Today : “So…

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The software developer has had the rare Twitter name @N since 2007. In a blog post, Naoki revealed that he had been offered $50,000 to sell the name, and also that there have been past attempts made to steal it.

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At the CeBIT expo in Hanover, German software developer Tobit put together a booth that features two pole dancing robots, egged on by a fellow robot DJ with a megaphone for a head. This isnt the first time Tobit has brought the robots to the show, but this year featured updated models.

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