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Existing Action Cam owners will net two of the AS100Vs banner features through a software update. The most significant addition, live streaming, will enable real-time video uploads to sharing sites like Ustream through a connected smartphone or tablet. Sonys also adding a high-speed continuous shooting mode, letting you snap a limitless number of high-res stills […]

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One of the most exciting aspects of Anki Drives robotic race cars is that much like a video game, each vehicle can be upgraded with different boosts and items over time. Now, thanks to Ankis first major software update, the cars can get more goodies than ever. Indeed, the update lets each miniature racer get […]

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Pebble has released a software update that dramatically improves the smartwatchs alarm clock functionality and adds a much-requested feature. Firmware version 1.14 finally includes a Do Not Disturb setting similar to the one¬†Apple introduced with iOS 6; it lets users specify a period of time where the watch wont receive notifications so as to prevent […]

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SUNDAY, MAY 24, 2015

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