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The Stack Clash vulnerability in Linux, Solaris and BSD-based systems would let attackers gain root privileges and take full control of the machine, Qualys researchers warned Monday. Hosting providers and administrators of shared environments need to pay particular attention to this flaw since one compromised user can result in all other users on the same server being compromised.

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According to the results of a recent survey, roughly one third of device makers and HDOs are aware of potential adverse effects to patients due to an insecure medical device, but despite the risk only 17 percent of device makers and 15 percent of HDOs are taking significant steps to prevent such attacks.

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The massive WannaCry global cyberattack affected three Australian businesses, but they were not related to government or critical infrastructure and Australia and New Zealand both escaped major overall impact. After patches against the global WannaCry attack were implemented, five hospitals in Queensland, Australia, were affected by an IT glitch that kept users from logging into the systems.

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