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Research is expected to be unveiled today that challenges the industry’s current reliance on dynamic malware analysis as the best means of early detection of infections. Instead, researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology posit that a better approach would be an analysis of network traffic to suspicious domains that would potentially cut detection times down by weeks or even months.

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As more and more things in this world of ours run on software, software security assurance – i.e. confidence that software is free from vulnerabilities (either intentional or not) and functions as intended – is becoming more important than ever.

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VMware fixed two bugs in its VMware Workstation late Thursday night, including an insecure library loading vulnerability and a NULL pointer dereference vulnerability. Jann Horn, a security researcher for Google Project Zero who’s previously uncovered bugs in Xen’s hypervisor and the Linux kernel, found the library loading vulnerability in VMware’s Workstation Pro/Player product.

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THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2017



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