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Microsoft may soon have to reflect on its stance that the use of an Office feature called DDE to execute code on compromised computers doesn’t merit a patch. The SANS Internet Storm Center last night said the Necurs botnet has been spreading Locky ransomware using the DDE attack. Handler Brad Duncan said he had access […]

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Salted Hash has learned of a spam campaign that is using insurance document requests or the threat of an FTC lawsuit in order to get people to click a link included with the message. The campaign has snared thousands of victims, but the website doesn’t load anything malicious – in fact the page displayed in […]

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You cant blame anyone for not knowing malware from OpenSSL flaws in the same way you cant accuse Einstein of not figuring it all out before he expired. Case in point, a new spam campaign is trying to dupe Windows users into running a so-called HeartBleed Bug/Virus Removal Tool to clean their computers. To the […]

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