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Step 1: How this started While I was investigating the Trojan.JS.Iframe.aeq case (see blogpost <>) one of the files dropped by the Exploit Kit was an Applet exploiting a vulnerability: <script> document.write(‘<applet archive="dyJhixy.jar" code="QPAfQoaG.ZqnpOsRRk"><param value="" name="kYtNtcpnx"/></applet>‘); </script> Step 2: First analysis So basically I unzipped the .jar and took a look using JD-GUI, a java decompiler. These were […]

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Have you ever got a picture that promised to do something amazing if you just press Like? Have you been asked to press Like that in turn will donate a dollar to sick children? A promise of new iPhone as a gift for your Like? It’s probably a fraud. Here is the classic example of […]

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We have seen various mutations of the well known “police ransomware” Trojan throughout the year. Despite the threatening and convincing message it carries, most people probably choose to avoid the “fine” by simply removing the malware. Well, the following ransomware is little bit different. After the sample is executed and initial emulators and virtual machine […]

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TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2018



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