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If you are a chief information security officer (CISO) in a midsized or large organization, you might be familiar with this problem: The marketing department just launched a campaign and is collecting customer information on an unverified partner system. In addition, another business unit is launching a digital sales channel and has established its own […]

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Ransomware has been a plague on networks the world over for several years now, infecting businesses, hospitals, municipalities — essentially, any organizations large enough to pay the hefty ransoms that crooks require of victims to retrieve their stolen files are potential targets. At Kaspersky Lab, we’ve seen the threat evolve from one that focused on […]

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The cloud environment is elastic and moves fast. That elasticity applies to cyberattacks just as much, so it is critical for enterprises to have visibility into all the data that crosses its network. While moving workloads and applications to the cloud brings flexibility and agility, it also introduces multiple points of attack. Enterprises need to […]

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