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This fake Amazon spam leads to malware on      Tue, 7 May 2013 22:54:26 +0100 [05/07/13 17:54:26 EDT]From:      “” [[email protected]]Subject:      Your order confirmation.Thanks for your order, [redacted]!Did you know you can view and edit your orders online, 24 hours a day? Visit Your Account.Order Information:E-mail Address:  [redacted]Billing Address:216 CROSSING CRK NGAHANNAUnited […]

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Perhaps I spoke too soon about the quietness on the malware spam front. Here’s a spam pretending to be from leading to malware on From: [email protected] [] Sent: 25 May 2012 19:02 To: XXXXXXX Subject: Your Kindle e-book receipt. Thanks for your order, XXXXXXX! Did you know you can view and edit […]

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