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Forbes has published a story on the recent hack attack carried out by the Syrian Electronic Army. Not many technical details have been revealed, but there are some worth mentioning. The company confirms that the attackers have used spear-phishing emails to trick Forbes staff into providing passwords to the …

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Win32/Spy.Hesperbot is a new banking trojan that has been targeting online banking users in Turkey, the Czech Republic, Portugal and the United Kingdom. For more information about its malware spreading campaigns and victims, refer to our first blog post. In this post we’ll cover the technical details of the malware, including the overall architecture, as […]

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Nymaim – Obfuscation Chronicles Introduction Last month, my colleague Sebastien Duquette detailed the home campaign, a long-lasting operation consisting of compromised web servers running a malicious Apache module named Darkleech (detected by ESET as Linux/Chapro) that redirects visitors to a Blackhole exploit kit. Sebastien stated that one of the final payloads dropped by this operation […]

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