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The cybercriminal’s options for monetizing attacks has never been broader, less complex, or less risky, and attempts to detect intrusions by detecting the malware they use has never been more pointless, a study commissioned by Arbor Networks has revealed.

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Detailed voter profiles of 198 million voters were left exposed on an Amazon S3 account by Republican Party-affiliated data broker Deep Root Analytics. The discovery was made by Chris Vickery, cyber risk analyst at security firm UpGuard. “This was one of the most data rich datasets I’ve ever found,” Vickery told Threatpost.

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We’ve all heard that when it comes to experiencing a data breach, the question is not if it will happen, but when. You may be wondering about the actual odds of it happening to your organization.
Think about it this way: The chances of being struck by lightning this year are 1 in 960,000.

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