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Here are a couple of interesting sites: and (There are also some variants on the "TJL" initials — mixing their order — but these all resolve to the site. No variants for the domain have shown up, but we'll keep our eyes open.) Besides looking identical, there are more similarities: Both live on […]

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PDF exploits have been targeted by Blackhole exploit kits for some time now. The Blackhole exploit kit will deliver various malicious PDF files to a user if the victim is running a potentially vulnerable version of Adobe Reader. When these PDFs are opened through Adobe Reader, a known vulnerability is exploited which will then compromise […]

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This past month, I’ve seen an increase in hijacked sites redirecting to a Fake AV page. These attacks typically involves three separate phases: The hijacked website redirects users coming from a Google search to an external domain. A website redirects users to the Fake AV page or to a harmless site (mostly and […]

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