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Cisco said Wednesday that multiple Cisco wireless products are vulnerable to the recently identified Key Reinstallation Attacks (KRACK). On Monday, researchers revealed how the KRACK vulnerabilities plagued the WPA2 protocol used to secure all modern Wi-Fi networks. In their report, researchers demonstrated how the KRACK vulnerabilities can be abused to decrypt traffic from enterprise and […]

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Cisco has released updates to address vulnerabilities in a wide variety of its products. Among these are updates fixing the WPA2 vulnerabilities that can be exploited in the newly unveiled KRACK attacks, as well as a critical vulnerability affecting the company’s Cloud Services Platform. Read More

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A newly discovered hooking technique can go completely undetected by the current implementation of PatchGuard, CyberArk security researchers warn. Called BoundHook, the method relies on causing an exception in a very specific location in a user-mode context, as well as on catching that exception to gain control over the thread execution. It can bypass PatchGuard, […]

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