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A bug exploitable in WordPress 4.8.2 and earlier creates unexpected and unsafe conditions ripe for a SQL injection attack, exposing sites created on the content management system to take over. WordPress released WordPress 4.8.3 Tuesday, which mitigates the vulnerability. Read More

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A security flaw in Infineon smart cards and TPMs allows an attacker to recover private keys from the public keys. Basically, the key generation algorithm sometimes creates public keys that are vulnerable to Coppersmith’s attack. Read More

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DigitalOcean is warning customers that some 1-Click applications running MySQL have an account with the same default password across all instances, and the company says the issue affects other cloud providers as well. DigitalOcean customers reported on social media that they received an email recommending that they run a script to determine if their Droplets […]

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SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018



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