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There’s a bit of a spam run taking place on Tumblr right now, in the form of a “Tumblr Dating Game”.The spam message reads as follows: “Lol half of your followers are on tumblrdatinggame(.)com”Visiting the URL will result in a dating website totally unrelated to the awesome prospect of “Tumblr dating” being served up under […]

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Q: What is the Hlux/Kelihos botnet? A: Kelihos is Microsoft’s name for what Kaspersky calls Hlux. Hlux is a peer-to-peer botnet with an architecture similar to the one used for the Waledac botnet. It consists of layers of different kinds of nodes: controllers, routers and workers. Q: What is a peer-to-peer botnet? A: Unlike a […]

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A while back, my wife was mugged and her purse and all its contents were stolen. When she told me, I had three questions: Are you alright? Did you cancel the credit cards and call a locksmith to change our locks? Did they get your phone? My third question was about her smartphone because smartphones […]

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