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Many digital trees have died for the cause of informing Windows admins about the SMBv1 vulnerability that spawned the WannaCry and ExPetr/NotPetya malware attacks. Yet a relatively small sample of data collected from a freely available tool shows that thousands have not gotten the message, or have some significant blind spots in their networks.

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Ransomware has been estimated to be a billion-dollar business, indiscriminately targeting both home users and organizations. Although it has been active for years, recent ransomware campaigns, such as WannaCry, have gone viral and infected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world in a matter of days.

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Yesterday, a global ransomware outbreak began, and it looks to be as big as the WannaCry story that broke not so long ago.
There are numerous reports that several large companies from different countries have been hit, and the magnitude of the epidemic is likely to grow even more.

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