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Whether you’re taking a personal holiday or a business trip, traveling by car or by plane, planning a quick jaunt or preparing for an extended stay, make sure your security best practices are coming along for the ride. Cybercriminals don’t take vacations. In fact, they feast on tourists and travelers, taking advantage of people when […]

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Emails have lately been arriving in #facebook users’ inboxes asking them to review a list of “pages they may like.” The messages feature pictures of the pages in the email body and a “personalized” #subject line addressing the user by their first name. However, if users click the link, they are redirected to a real, […]

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During the holidays season many people receive packages from the post or delivery services. We wrote about the dangers introduced by opening attachments in emails pretending to come from such entities. Without an active and up to date security software, attachments in email should never be open, no matter from where they come. We also […]

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SUNDAY, JULY 05, 2015

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