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WikiLeaks released documentation on another Vault 7 hacking tool used by the CIA for large cyber-espionage operations.
Dated December 2013, the 12-page document describes an Android malware, internally known as HighRise, hidden in an application named TideCheck.

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If anyone still has doubts that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) can track nearly anyone, anytime, anywhere, a new Vault 7 disclosure from WikiLeaks may dispel them. The CIA likely used malware codenamed ELSA to pinpoint and, presumably, track target Windows users over long periods, by hacking into WiFi radios on laptops – even when not connected to the Internet.

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WikiLeaks on Thursday made public a CIA implant that is used to turn a Windows file server into a malware distribution point on the local network. The documents describing the tool, Pandemic, explain how remote machines on the local network trying to download and-or execute documents from the file server over SMB are infected with “replacement” documents on the fly.

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