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Microsoft has been criticized for its Windows 10 data collection practices, and the French National Data Protection Commission (CNIL) recently served the company a formal notice to stop collecting excessive user data. As a result, Creators Update addressed these concerns, and CNIL closed the formal notice last week.

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CNIL, the French data protection regulator, has closed the formal notice procedure it served on Microsoft on June 30, 2016 over privacy concerns relating to Windows 10. “Since then,” says CNIL, “the company has brought itself into line with data protection rules, the formal notice procedure has therefore been closed.” In a statement emailed to […]

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A bypass of PatchGuard kernel protection in Windows 10 has been developed that brings rootkits for the latest version of the OS within reach of attackers. Since the introduction of PatchGuard and DeviceGuard, very few 64-bit Windows rootkits have been observed; Windows 10’s security, in particular its mitigations against memory-based attacks, are well regarded. Researchers […]

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