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Microsoft has released Security Advisory 2718704 in relation to Flamer. Flamer used a Microsoft supplied certificate to sign components of Flamer, which would chain up to the trusted Microsoft Root Authority. These signed components would thus appear to come from Microsoft. Microsoft Terminal Services (or Remote Desktop Protocol) allows thin-clients access to Windows applications or […]

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Microsoft is releasing 9 Security Bulletins this month (MS12-008 through MS12-016), patching a total 21 vulnerabilities. Some of these vulnerabilities may enable remote code execution (RCE) in limited circumstances, and offensive security researchers have claimed that a “bug” fixed this month should be client-side remote exploitable, but after months of public circulation, there have been […]

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Various Trojan-horses disrupting normal operation of Windows emerge rather regularly. Doctor Web-the leading Russian anti-virus vendor-warns users of a new Trojan horse of this type that targets Windows users worldwide and aims at extorting their credit card information. The first instances of infection by Trojan.Winlocks were registered in 2007. The period from November 2009 till […]

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