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The thought of sensitive data ending up in the wrong hands can keep both IT administrators and top-managers awake at night. As the latest trends show, many organizations are gaining more and more awareness about the various existing threats to their intellectual property and confidential information. Many companies, from small and medium businesses to structured […]

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BINOM3, a multi-functional revenue energy meter and power quality analyzer from Russia-based Algoritm, is plagued by several serious vulnerabilities for which patches don’t appear to exist. The flaws were discovered by security researcher Karn Ganeshen and reported to the vendor via ICS-CERT on May 25. Since the company has not responded to ICS-CERT’s notifications, the […]

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Wi-Fi signals can be exploited to recognize keystrokes and a system that can do so has been already created, a newly published research paper reveals. According to researchers at Michigan State University, and Nanjing University in China, the user’s movement over the keyboard generates a unique pattern in the time-series of Channel State Information (CSI) […]

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