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Exploit code used in the Mirai malware variant called Satori, which was used to attack hundreds of thousands of Huawei routers over the past several weeks, is now public. Researchers warn the code will quickly become a commodity and be leveraged in DDoS attacks via botnets such as Reaper or IOTrooper. Ankit Anubhav, researcher at […]

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The latest Patch Tuesday (17 October) brought patches for 62 vulnerabilities, including one that fixed СVE-2017-11826 – a critical zero-day vulnerability used to launch targeted attacks – in all versions of Microsoft Office. The exploit for this vulnerability is an RTF document containing a DOCX document that exploits СVE-2017-11826 in the Office Open XML parser. […]

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On Monday, Google disclosed a zero-day vulnerability in Windows, which if exploited will enable an attacker to use it as a security sandbox escape. In response, Microsoft didn’t offer details on a fix, instead choosing to promote Windows 10 and argue for coordinated disclosure. Google says the flaw was discovered on October 21, along with […]

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