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Are you a Verizon customer with unlimited data? Get ready to be throttled


As we learned from a recent study, Verizon has been remarkably efficient at convincing unlimited wireless data plan holders to switch to newer, more profitable data plans. According to market research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, just 22% of Verizon’s mobile subscribers were still on unlimited data plans as of the end of the second quarter. That still leaves millions of people with unlimited plans though, and we have bad news for all of them: According to a new report, all Verizon Wireless subscribers with unlimited data plans will be subject to throttling beginning October 1st. Verizon’s “Network Optimization” policy, which says that the company may intentionally slow your wireless data speeds in certain cases, currently only applies to 3G networks. Droid-Life

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FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2018



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