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BlackBerry’s firewall is about to come under siege


Batten down the hatches, BlackBerry — Hurricane Xiaomi is barreling toward you. The Wall Street Journal reports that even though red-hot Chinese vendor Xiaomi has had trouble getting its phones approved for sale in Indonesia, the company does expect to get the green light very soon. Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s vice president for global operations, tells the Journal that if all goes as planned, Xiaomi will start selling its smartphones in Indonesia by the end of August. Why is this such a big deal for BlackBerry? Largely because Indonesia has been BlackBerry’s firewall when it comes to handset sales. It launched its low-cost BlackBerry Z3 handset there and by all accounts it’s apparently been a hit so far. However, BlackBerry has never

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TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2018



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