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Comcast won’t force you to rent its modems


While there are certainly many reasons to gripe about Comcast, being forced to rent its modems shouldn’t be one of them. As Ars Technica, Stop the Cap! and other websites reported on Wednesday, a Comcast customer in Virginia caused a bit of a stir when he posted in the DSLReports forum that a Comcast customer service representative told him he’d have to rent one of Comcast’s modems for $8 a month if he wanted to take advantage of Comcast’s 105Mbps broadband service. As evidence for his claim, the user posted a Comcast bulletin supposedly issued on February 26th this year that said subscribers to its 105Mbps service may only use “Comcast issued equipment” because it “ensures that the specifications are always met

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SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2018



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