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Cool Samsung video shows how the Galaxy S5 can take you places the iPhone can’t go


Samsung seems to think its new ads that either mock the iPhone’s poor battery life or that tout its own phones’ strong batteries are winners. The company on Friday put out a new video chronicling two men who took the Galaxy S5 with them on a road trip across the United States and didn’t have to recharge it once. “We put the Galaxy S 5 with Ultra Power Saving Mode to the ultimate challenge — a coast to coast road trip without recharging,” Samsung explains. “The results: 3504 miles driven, 7 days on the road, 150 hours traveled, 86 texts sent, 119 photos taken, 4+ minutes of video, 16+ minutes of talk time, 13 states visited.” While Samsung obviously optimized the device’s

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SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2018



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