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Google-appointed panel kicks off tour of Europe to debate privacy rights


By Julia Fioretti and Robert Hetz BRUSSELS/MADRID (Reuters) – A specialist panel appointed by search engine giant Google to help it implement a landmark court ruling on privacy rights held a meeting in Madrid on Tuesday, their first in a seven-stop tour to gather the views of European experts on the issue. The European Unions top court ruled in May that people have a right to request that years-old personal information that is no longer relevant be removed from Internet search results. The judgment has pitted free speech supporters against privacy advocates who are alarmed that search engine operators such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are in a position to judge what personal information remains accessible. Google has already come under fire from regulators for its handling of such right to be forgotten requests, of which it says it has received thousands each month.

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MONDAY, JULY 16, 2018



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