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Google Ventures Either Pulled or Was Bought Out of Man’s Women’s Site


Bustle, which is either a revolutionary new idea to write stuff on the internet that women will read or the ultimate in mansplaining, is out a $100,000 investment from Google Ventures. TechCrunchs Alexia Tsotsis opened fire last night with the joyful declaration that Google Ventures had pulled its investment out of Bustle because: I’ve heard that reports of Goldberg’s misogynist comments and his glossing over of San Francisco’s socio-economic issues in a PandoDaily guest post were the straws that broke Bustle’s Google backing. Tsotsis added that it was some sort of karmic reparation, though not all that much of one, considering that Bryan Goldberg, founder of Bleacher Report, raised $6.5 million to start the site despite seemingly knowing very little about women or bustles.

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TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2018



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