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Hacking victim becomes attacker when $20,000 bounty turns hacker into a crybaby


Hackers, beware: Choosing the wrong victim can have severe consequences. And Roger Ver, also referred to as “The Bitcoin Jesus,” is the wrong victim. Last week, a hacker called “Nitrous” contacted Ver to inform him that his Hotmail account had been compromised. By breaching the account, the hacker was able to obtain Ver’s Social Security number, his passport number, his mother’s Social Security number and other sensitive information. As Wired reported, this would end up being one of the biggest mistakes Nitrous has ever made. “I am the one that hacked into your emails… I just want to speak,” Nitrous told Ver in a Skype chat. “I will return all the stuff I stole from you… I can do a lot more, just

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MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2018



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