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iOS 7.1 has been released to the public – get it now for iPhone, iPad


Just over one month after its last iOS 7.1 beta was released, Apple’s has pushed the release version of its iOS 7.1 software out to the public. Apple’s last pre-release version of its mobile software, iOS 7.1 beta 5, was released on February 4th and as BGR’s sources had previously stated, it was intended to be the final beta version for developers ahead of the iOS 7.1 Gold Master (GM) version. Curiously, Apple has decided to skip the GM build and release iOS 7.1 to the public. According to an earlier BGR report, iOS 7.1 has been scheduled to be released to the public sometime in early or mid-March for quite a while, so the release is right on time. The new iOS 7.1

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TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2018



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