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Leak reveals seven new Sony devices about to be released


Sony is about to release seven new smartphone models, if shipment tracking reports out of Indonesia are correct. According to reports dug up by Phone Arena, Sony may announce updated versions of its flagship Experia smartphone line as soon as the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The reports mention the Sony D5503, which could be the global version of the Experia Z1f. This may be branded as the Experia Z1s. This phone is a smaller version of the Experia Z1. The report also mentions the Sony SPG521, Sony D6503, Sony D5322, Sony D5503, Sony D2005 and the Sony D2105. The D2105 may be the next-generation Experia L, and the SPG521 may be the next-generation Sony Xperia Tablet Z. While Sony

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MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2018



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