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Meet the $1,000 smartphone designed to take the highest-quality selfies in the world


Smartphone volume growth is slowing down sharply right about now. Average sales prices for even high-end handsets are tumbling and sub-$200 smartphones without subsidies are becoming a major product category. That has not prevented a number of entrants from trying to find new angles that will bring them success in the phone market. Jolla is offering a new operating system. YotaPhone has a dual-screen model with an E-Ink display on the backside for desperate Twitter addicts. And now Danish company Lumigon is entering the fray with a €750 (USD$1031) model that offers a decadent treat for selfie fanatics. Of course, the Danish phone is going to have Bang Olufsen audio technology but the real draw of the Lumigon is the LED flash

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FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018



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