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Netflix calls for ‘strong’ net neutrality as it’s forced to pay tolls


In an extensive post, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings called for “strong net neutrality,” as opposed to the “weak net neutrality” that currently exists, and which allows ISPs to theoretically – if not actually – bully Internet businesses into paying fees in order for consumers to be able to enjoy their services at better speeds. “The essence of net neutrality is that ISPs such as ATT and Comcast don’t restrict, influence or otherwise meddle with the choices consumers make,” Hastings said. “The traditional form of net neutrality which was recently overturned by a Verizon lawsuit is important, but insufficient. “ “Strong net neutrality additionally prevents ISPs from charging a toll for interconnection to services like Netflix, YouTube, or Skype, or intermediaries

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FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2018



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