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New spy tool lets cops bug your phone remotely


Today, researchers from Kaspersky and Citizen Lab published research on a new type of malware designed to give police complete access to a suspects phone. The tool, dubbed Remote Control System (or RCS), can be implanted physically through a USB or SD card, or remotely through an infected link or network traffic injection. Once the phone is infected, police can use it to monitor a users location, record ambient audio through the microphone, or even hijack the phones camera to take spontaneous photographs. Hacking Team is a Milan-based company with more than 50 employees that has made a niche for itself selling surveillance software to police in several dozen countries on six continents. Its still unclear exactly where RCS is currently used, but early indications point to Saudi Arabia, based on the fake Qatif news app where the code was initially found.

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TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2018



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