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Next iPad May Have Surface-Like Keyboard Cover


As tablets become better productivity partners instead of mere entertainment devices, Apple wants to help shoppers transition away from their PCs. A patent published by the US Patents and Trademarks office shows Apple may be working on a Surface-like keyboard cover for the next iPad.And based on the notes accompanying the diagrams, it appears a touchpad may be laid on top of the touch keys so you can use it like a mouse. According to the description in the patent, the cover may be a Multi-Touch keyboard that is adapted to receive both keyboard input and touch input. To do this, the keyboard may include a transparent or semitransparent touch sensitive panel incorporated with a plurality of keys arranged in a keyboard configuration. This means the iPads cover could offer a more generously-spaced layout while still giving you the ability to use a touchpad.

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MONDAY, JULY 16, 2018



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