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Satoshi Nakamoto Brings in the Lawyers to Deny He Invented Bitcoin


Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, the man Newsweek identified as the creator of Bitcoin, has issued a very formal and public statement saying that Newsweek is dead wrong and that the magazines false report has ruined reputation and prospects of finding a job. Nakamoto said in a statement released early Monday morning that I have no knowledge of nor have I ever worked on cryptography, peer to peer systems, or alternative currencies, adding I never consented to speak with the reporter. In an ensuing discussion with a reporter from the Associated Press. To give an example of how clueless he was about the cryptocurrency, Nakamoto says, I called the technology bitcom. I was still unfamiliar with the term. Nakamotos full denial comes after ten days of an avalanche of media attention thanks to Newsweeks article pegging him as the mysterious unknown man behind Bitcoin.

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SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2018



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