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Trying to protect yourself from Heartbleed could land you in jail


The recently uncovered massive Heartbleed vulnerability affecting 66% of websites is currently being patched by many companies, but several online services already offer users the means to test whether a website is still affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability. However, checking to see whether a site uses flawed OpenSSL protocol is actually in violation of Internet laws and could land users in jail, at least theoretically, The Register reports. According to the U.S. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and the U.K. Computer Misuse Act, it is illegal to test the security of third-party websites without their permission. Therefore, Heartbleed testing, and any other security checks on a website such as the ones performed by security researchers, could be punished with jail time if such laws were actually enforced. “I would say

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MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018



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