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Tweeting Sharks Could Help Save Aussie Surfers


Scientists in Western Australia (WA) have equipped at least 320 sharks with transmitters that update a Twitter feed when the shark nears shore, meaning that technology is one step closer to finally defeating sharks.  Sky News reports that when a shark comes roughly within one kilometer (.6 mile) to shore, the transmitter triggers an alert picked up by a computer which transforms the message into a tweet including the size, breed and approximate location of the shark. Fisheries advise: tagged Bronze whaler shark detected at Bickley Point (Rottnest) receiver at 07:17:00 AM on 26-Dec-2013 — Surf Life Saving WA (@SLSWA) December 25, 2013 Six people have been killed by sharks in Western Australia in the past two years, making it the deadliest region for shark attacks.

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FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018



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