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Why the ‘Deadpool’ film is going to be PG-13 — and why it can still be great


Its a short clip originally made about three years ago to give Fox executives a taste of what theyd be financing: over-the-top violence, bizarre one-liners, and a titular character (motion-captured and voiced by Ryan Reynolds) who talks more to the audience off-screen than the thugs onscreen. Deadpool is one of Marvels more potentially lucrative characters, and yet the film has remained in development limbo at 20th Century Fox, home of the X-Men film franchise, since at least 2009. For those who dont know Deadpool, think of him as a human Looney Tunes character with two katanas and an obsession with guns. Deadpools most defining characteristic is being aware that hes a character.

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MONDAY, JULY 16, 2018



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