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World’s largest ultra-high definition TV a hit with consumers


Despite the fact that it comes with a $150000 price tag and has been on sale for less than 24 hours, Samsung has confirmed that it has already received 10 orders for its latest monster television set. Undoubtedly the biggest ultra-high definition television in the world and quite possibly the biggest single panel TV of any resolution, the Samsung UN 110S9 boasts a 110-inch screen and measures a living room busting 2.6 x 1.8 metres. Yet, even though it is bigger than a king-size bed and the fact that there is currently very little native content available that can take full advantage of the TVs ultra-high definition resolution – four times greater than HD –  Samsung claims that it has already received 10 orders from Middle Eastern consumers. As well as a 100-inch screen, the television boasts gesture controls, voice controls, and Samsungs Smart Hub, which gives you access to online content, photos, video, music, and apps.

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SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2018



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