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3-D Printing Vulnerabilities: Build Your Own Breach?

3-D Printing Vulnerabilities: Build Your Own Breach?


Once reserved for large-scale manufacturing plants and educational institutions, 3-D printers are now going mainstream, with IDC predicting double-digit growth in shipments each year through 2020. But according to research from Carnegie Mellon University, increased availability may also prompt a rise in 3-D printing vulnerabilities — is “build your own breach” the next big attack vector?

While the consumer 3-D printing market lacks focus — relatively cheaper devices make it possible to print novelty items but don’t yet offer day-to-day benefits — business-driven solutions are enjoying widespread success. As noted by Hackaday, for example, companies have started experimenting with Hydra printers, which use multiple heads to create several objects simultaneously.

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TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2018



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