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U.S. Electric Grid – America the Vulnerable

U.S. Electric Grid – America the Vulnerable


In the new digital age, the threat of cyber attack reaches every part of modern society.  Electrical power runs just about every aspect of life for most people, and most are not prepared when the power source is interrupted or goes away. A public announcement could be made one week ahead of time, and the majority of people would still be in the same vulnerable position if the power were to go away abruptly.

Last year Lloyd’s published a report titled “Business Blackout” where they shared their analysis and findings of an imminent cyber attack on the U.S. power grid. In their attack scenario, attackers were able to inflict physical damage on 50 of the 700 generators on the electrical grid on the east coast where there is a substantial population of people in major cities that includes New York City, Washington D.C. and Boston. In this situation, 93 million people were affected by a blackout.

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