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Is Your Company Focusing on the Right Security Trends?

Is Your Company Focusing on the Right Security Trends?


Now that we’re well into 2016, you likely have various information security initiatives underway. The specifics you’re working on are, no doubt, priorities given your unique needs, budget and so on. But are you focusing on the right things? Are the things you’re doing really minimizing your business risks and addressing the right security trends?

It’s easy to get distracted and do what time management experts call majoring in minors — spending time, effort and money on areas of security that, in the grand scheme of things, might not provide much value to the business. You’re spinning your wheels and going through the motions rather than resolving what’s urgent and important. It’s classic 80/20 rule: Focus on the 20 percent of the initiatives that will provide 80 percent of the value for the investment.

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