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1Password – your desert island second choice


In April we asked our community which app they would choose above all others take with them to a desert island for a month. While on the island they would have internet access but could not download any further apps.

The clear winner was WhatsApp with over 400 votes, and last week we covered Facebook which was in high demand among the comments.

This week our Desert Island journey takes us to 1Password which came second (albeit a long way behind) in our poll selections.

We’ve all got dozens of online accounts, and remembering all of your passwords can be quite tricky and for obvious reasons it’s not a good idea for you to have the same password for all of your online accounts. So what are you to do?

After all you don’t want to be stuck on a desert island with 20 different passwords to remember or locked out of your favourite accounts!

This is where password managers like 1Password come in, they store all of your passwords securely on your machine, which is much safer than a writing them all down in a Word document!

Not just that, products like 1Password help you make strong passwords. We all like to think that we use strong passwords but as this list of the Top 25 most used passwords shows, we’ve got plenty of room for improvement!

So having 1Password on your phone will make sure you can log in to all of your accounts from your desert island but will also make sure that you are using strong and unique passwords for each account.

Are there any pitfalls to using a password app like 1Password? Well as much as it is useful and helpful to store all of your passwords in the same place, should your phone get lost or stolen then you’re whole bank of passwords could be at risk.

For a mobile user, the real possibility of giving a phone thief all of your online passwords can be a very real threat. That’s why it’s important to look after your device with the same care that you are looking after your online accounts.

AVG AntiVirus for Andro id will help you keep your phone malware free and should your phone get lost or stolen, it can help protect your passwords and sensitive data by remotely locking and even wiping your phone should you need to.

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