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A little too chatty?


There’s a program called ChatSend currently doing the rounds on Facebook, and at time of writing just over 114,000 people have hit the “Like” button which no doubt means a high proportion of that tally have downloaded and installed it. Including one in my stream-

The link directs to the Facebook page of ChatSend where one can readily download the app. Upon execution, it shows a GUI containing its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The GUI, however, is narrow and the text is not wrapped within the width of the text box, which makes it difficult for users to read as they need to scroll from left to the farthest right.

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Note the pre-ticked boxes that will install the toolbar in all browsers, set web search as default and change the homepage.

After installing, a window pops up to inform users that there has been an error in installing the program; however, it installs just fine.

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Not only does the program send the message seen in the first screenshot without notification, it also sends the same message via Facebook chat (if enabled) to all, too.

Interestingly, the EULA fails to detail the steps on how to uninstall the application should users change their mind about it when it was clearly stated:

“If you wish to withdraw your consent to any of ChatSend features as described herein, you should uninstall the Software from your computer. Uninstall instructions are detailed above.”

As far as we can see, there are no instructions “detailed above”. The uninstall steps are in their Facebook page (added yesterday) under the FAQ tab when clearly it should be included in the EULA. Despite this, uninstalling simply requires a visit to Add / Remove programs, or opening up the browser add on tabs in your browser of choice.

Do keep an eye on this one, Dear Reader, because Facebook blocks any URLs / links related to the ChatSend domain and there’s quite a few posts like this starting to appear on help pages.

Jovi Umawing (Thanks to Chris for the assist)

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