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Amazing!!! I can now see who is viewing my profile, Thanks to FB Developers for revealing it – Facebook Scam


Scam  Message:

Amazing!!! I can now see who is viewing my profile, Thanks to FB Developers for reavealing it, Check the list of my viewer and see who is your viewer too, Click Here:

Scam Type:  Rogue Application, Survey Scam, Profile Viewer

Trending: September 2012

Why it’s a Scam:

Clicking the scam link takes you directly to a Facebook Application installation screen:

Clicking “Allow” will give the permissions shown above to the scammer.  This will allow them to spam their scam messages to all of your friends. Do you really want to let an unknown (scam) developer have this much access to your Facebook information? These scams are known to use multiple Facebook apps to spread virally across Facebook.

Anytime you install a third party Facebook application, you give the application developer access to your personal data. Always be very selective on the apps you install, and only install them from well-known, trusted sources.

Continuing on with the installation redirects you to the following survey scam:

It is important to remember that any Facebook application offering to who you who has viewed or visited your profile is certain to be a scam. Facebook doesn’t allow developers access to the data required to create such apps. Avoid them ALL! In fact, here are Facebook’s own help topics on the subject:

Can I know who’s viewing my profile (timeline) or how often it’s being viewed?

This scam also tries to convince users that the application was developed by Facebook. First off, if Facebook ever decides to enable a profile viewing feature, you can be certain that every major blog and mainstream media outlet will be covering the story. It will be big news. Secondly, anytime you see a URL in the following format you can be certain that you are dealing with a third party Facebook application:  ‘http://apps[dot]facebook[dot]com/app_name_here’.

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