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Another facebook likejacking scam : “This spider is brutal”


A new Facebook scam, in the same idea as those with naked women, is making a lot of victims currently. Interesting is that there are quite a lot of unique URLs.

This time, the scam is not using men’s curiosity to see naked women, but curiosity of all people, men and women, when seeing something out of the ordinary: “This spider is brutal. OMG – Spider inside the skin of this girl, extremely painful”.

There are very similar variations of this, but the text is identical. Only the exclamation at the beginning and the URL vary.

Once clicked the link will be posted on your wall and all your friends will be intrigued. But, after that, the URL directs to a landing page which was done apparently for many other scams, like those with the “Crazy girl must be nuts but also damn smart for making this video”.

In order to see the video, you first need to . signup for a new dating site. This is quite new. because until now it was only about surveys. Anyway, the website appears to be offline.

Analyzing the HTML code, we can obtain actually the link to the Youtube video:

As can be seen in the screenshot, the video is 4 years old and has already move than 4.7 million visits.

In the code we see that there are many redirects possible, and if the page is refreshed a couple of times, it is possible to see a couple of scam landing pages:

I reported the URLs which I’ve seen to Facebook for deactivating them.

I strongly advise all users to not click on anything which seems to be out of ordinary on Facebook. You never know what exists at that URL and theoretically it can be also malware.


Sorin Mustaca

Data Security Expert

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