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Are X rays bad for you? Your phone has the “answer”


This week, the AVG MobilationT research team found a new instance of PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) named ‘FakeLottery’ in the Android market. Fortunately, after our Security research team reported this to Google. They suspended the developer for violating the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement.

Developer name in the market: “Asta E services”

Below you can see a picture taken from the Android Market with all the apps published by the developer:

Detailed analysis of the Xrap app application:

In the analysis we focused on the Xray app – the app promise the user to help him to xray using his mobile camera.

After installing it you get the following screen:

When you press it to continue (‘Start’ button) and get the so-called Xray functionality, you get to YouTube and a commercial is presented to you:

What you see here is a commercial – it says you were chosen from people living in the area and you can win an iPad, iPhone etc if you fill some form with questions – filling the form will cost the user money.

Here the user needs to specify if he/she a male/female:

After filling the form the user gets a message about the device he might be able to win (don’t count on it):

And how much money the user needs to pay if he wants to participate in the Trivia game:

The service costs continuous weekly payment for each question sent to the device (15 NIS each week, 5 NIS per question, 15 NIS initial registrations – depends on where the user lives).

As mentioned earlier, the developer’s apps have been removed from the Android Market.

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