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Avira launches a new product for Apple MacOS systems at the end of March 2012. It is called Avira Free Mac Security and it is a free-of-charge product for both consumers and businesses.

The first version will be available in German and English.

Features, design and user guidance are based on extensive user surveys, design studies and usability tests. As a result, the Avira Mac Security follows a “back to the basics” approach, similar with the concept used in the Windows products. It provides the latest available Avira scan and protection technology and combines it with a super easy to use approach.

The focus of the product is very much on securing a Mac automatically and involving the user into the decision making process only when it is absolutely necessary or the user wants to be involved.

After the installation, the product automatically checks the security status of the Mac system:

  • it updates the detection,
  • performs a quick scan,
  • checks for untreated viruses,
  • checks if the Real-Time Protection is running
  • the default update job is activated,
  • fixes possible security issues

In the end, it hands over a working product and a clean system to the user.

The product constantly monitors the system for possible security risks, be it the Real-Time Protection not active, a virus infection, an untreated malware, an outdated update or a deactivated update job. If such a security risk is detected, the product offers to fix all security risks with just one mouse-click. Only if the user explicitly wants it he can fix each security risk manually as well.

The product offers Real-Time Protection as the basic security module. Real-Time Protection scans every file that is touched either by the user or by the system itself. By default Real-Time Protection scans only potentially dangerous files; however, the user can change this setting so that all files will be scanned. The user can also decide if he wants to include archives into the scan or not.

Real-Time Protection includes heuristic detection which is by default switched on so that the system is also able to detect new viruses even before a detection pattern is created. The heuristic detection level which influences the probability of false-positives can also be adjusted to the user’s preferences. Real-Time Protection not only scans for viruses but will optionally also look for threats like adware, spyware, backdoors, phishing, dialers etc.

The same features of Real-Time Protection are available for the Virus Scan which forms the second line of defence against virus attacks and which allows the user performing manual scans. The virus scan by default also scans for potentially dangerous files only and offers to include archives into the scan. It also supports heuristic detection and will optionally also detect threat categories. The virus scan itself uses pre-defined scan profiles such as a quick scan and a full system scan. The user can complete these with a custom scan profile that covers individually selected files and folders.

Every infected or suspicious file no matter if it has been detected by the Real-Time Protection or by the Virus Scan is by default automatically treated and moved into the quarantine where it is safely stored and represents no threat to the system and its users anymore. Quarantined files can be manually deleted, re-scanned, restored to their original place or send to Avira for further investigation. If the user wants to treat each detection separately he can do so by changing the corresponding setting in the preferences.

Following the principle that the product should for the most part work automatically it also provides a scheduler that offers a default scan job and a default update job. Both jobs are by default switched on so that the product is regularly updated to the latest detection and scanned in pre-defined intervals, thus making sure that the latest detection technology is always available and the system is clean of viruses.

Because updating the system is vital to keep the protection level of the system as high as possible, the product also offers a manual update: either of the detection or of both the detection and the product that the user can trigger whenever he thinks it necessary.

The product will detect Mac viruses as well as Windows viruses, thus preventing that Windows viruses are spread via a Mac in a heterogeneous environment.

The product is fully licensed for consumers and businesses, the license getting automatically updated in regularly intervals. Businesses can also centrally manage the Avira Free Mac Security via the Avira Management Console. This requires a separate license file that Avira will provide upon request.

The product will be available for MacOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and 10.7 (Lion). Please note that the desktop versions only are supported.

Download your copy of the Avira Free Mac Security now. Just install and use it. We would really appreciate your feedback.

Please use the <Feedback> button in the product to give us your first impression.

The product will be released at the end of March 2012.

Update: 27.3.2012 – the product has been officially released.

Helmut Busker

Product manager

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