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Beware of Fake Facebook Fundraising Campaigns using “Likes” & “Shares”


Just when the sick child hoaxes start to subside, a new round of hoaxes are surfacing on Facebook. This time the subject of the hoaxes are abused or injured animals.

A current message circulating on Facebook is:

“This puppy was abused. For every ‘share’, the humane society will donate $1 towards his surgery.” This message is accompanied by the photo shown below:

Hoaxslayer got to the bottom of this horrendous photo. This puppy, named Adam, was found in a Taiwan park after being exposed to corrosive glues. The event occurred in September of 2009, and Adam was adopted by a loving family shortly thereafter.

No doubt, the people sharing this message have the best of intentions, but the Humane Society is not donating money based on the number of Facebook likes or shares.

We have seen several hoaxes in the past that offer to pay for each Facebook share or like, or email or text message forwarded. We have yet to see any legitimate fundraising effort utilizing this method. It is possible, but every one that we have seen has been a hoax.

Please report any photo that you see like this to Facebook. If they receive enough complaints, then they will eventually take action. Do not comment on or share the photo with your friends, as this helps keep the hoax spreading.


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