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Beware of Free Facebook Mugs Scam.


The Free Facebook Mug Scam is somewhat different than the previous Facebook scams.
Similar to the pervious scams, it redirect the users to complete Online serveys.
Additionally the most important things are, it steals users Facebook Email Id and also installs browser plugin. So by using same method, the scammers may installs any malicious files to the users machine.

If you click on the above link, it will take you to a page like below.
It’s a well crafted webpage which looks similar to that of Facebook so that people will believe it. It says “Facebook is giving away ceramic coffee mugs free of cost and asks the users to click on continue.

After clicking users will be redirected to the page “http: //”.
which ask to click on Order now button.

Clicking on Order now will take users to /verify.html where it ask users to enter their Facebook Email id.

After entering the Email id and clicking verify it will redirect the users to
“http: //” where it displays and asks users to complete Online serveys.

By analyzing the source code of “http:// mug.html” we come to know that it contains script to install browser plugin with the name “Youtube Extension”. By installing such plugins the sacmmers may redirects the Facebook users to any other scam.

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