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Bypass iOS 7 lock-screen in less than a minute.


Jose Rodriguez, a 36 years old soldier who lives in Spain was first to reveal the gap. A video showing how easy it is to bypass the lock screen in Apple’s new devices running iOS 7 and to penetrate it in less than a minute using only a few clicks

Shortly after the official launch of Apple’s operating system iOS 7 for iPhones and iPads , an embarrassing security breach in its lock screen has been exposed. A loophole that allows anyone to bypass the lock code and unlock the device, access its photo albums, email, Twitter account, Facebook, Flicker and more.

The video below demonstrates personal information access in the iPhone and iPad.

All you need to do is pull open the shutter of the ‘Control Center’ on a locked device, then enter the Alarm. Then press the Stop button of the device and hold. Shortly a slide will appear that will allow you to turn OFF the device. Now click the ‘Cancel’ button and then double-click the Home button. Pass the Multitasking screen, then you will have full access to the device.

How can you disable this loophole?
Easy: You should enter the settings from the Control Center and turn OFF the option to access when the screen is locked (“access on lock screen”).

This is not the first time such a bug is discovered in the lock screen of the iOS. Just this year a similar breach in iOS version 6.1 was revealed, which allows users to easily bypass the screen lock code, enter the dialer device, hear voicemail messages and see the photo album stored in it. Two years ago, the same bug was found in iOS 4.1, which was amended in iOS 4.2.

The loophole was tested positive on iPhone 5 devices, iPhone 4S and iPad devices. It is not clear whether it will also work on iPhone 5s and 5c, but probably will.

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